Tutoring Services


We provide tutoring in a variety of subjects, including Math, English, History, Science, and more!  

One-on-one tutoring provides the benefit of personalized focus on areas of need.


Homeschool Support

We provide homeschooling support services for both students and parents!  We can assist with a variety of homeschooling needs, including choosing a program and/or curriculum, lesson planning, and helping sudents complete daily and weekly assignments. 

Remedial & Enrichment Programs

We offer Remedial and Enrichment programs for the following subjects:

Reading, Math, Spelling, and Composition; Language Development, ESL, Study Skills, Typing & Computer Skills. Includes a personalized educational plan to fit your specific needs!


Also available: Specialized programs for the learning disabled, the under-achiever, the non-motivated learner, or developmentally delayed child.


Preparation Courses for the SAT and ACT


Test Preparation

We provide test preparation for the SAT Subject Tests, ISEE, HSPT, SSAT, GRE, GMAT, C-BEST, ERB, and various other school entrance exams, grades Kindergarten - Graduate School.

Elite Services

Work with the most skilled and experienced tutors in the San Gabriel Valley!  Elite Tutors have a minimum of 7 years of experience in tutoring, and have worked with literally thousands of students.  (There is an extra fee for working with an Elite Tutor).  Services offered by these tutors are listed above.  Bios on our Elite Tutors. 


Diagnostic Testing

When needed, we can administer placement testing for Math, Reading, Spelling & Phonics.

Complete Psycho-diagnostic Evaluations

To diagnose learning disabilities, ADD, IQ testing, etc.  Includes: intellectual, educational, and perceptual testing.  

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