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A message from Jim Dorman, the Director

I have been specializing in preparing students to take the SAT and ACT for over 35 years.  I have thoroughly analyzed all aspects of the exams and brought together the best strategies to help you maximize your score. When you enroll in my program, you work with me, or one of my thoroughly trained staff members who is committed to your long-term success.  The powerful strategies we use have been thoroughly tested on dozens of actual tests!

Standard Preparation Courses

    Includes all necessary materials and two full-length practice tests.

        Private Course: 25 hours of one-on-one instruction, tailored to your specific needs.

        Semi-Private Course: 25 hours of 2 students with 1 instructor; students paired by request only.

        Small Group Course: 3 to 6 students per group; 25 hours of group sessions scheduled by special       

            arrangement only.

Advanced Preparation Courses

    One-on-One instruction with Mr. Dorman or Angie (Semi-Private and Group Courses available upon request).

       25 Hour Private Course: includes all materials and two full-length practice tests.

       40 Hour Private Course: includes all materials and four full length practice tests.

Note: Students must submit their PSAT and/or PLAN scores for analysis.  An optional Diagnostic Test is available for those with no PSAT or PLAN scores.

SAT Subject Test Preparation

    Done on a Private or Semi-Private basis.

Here's the type of success many have achieved through our course:

    Name         Improvement                            School

    Jason        +240 points                    San Marino H.S.

    John        +210 points                        ”

    Elizabeth        +500 points                        ”

    Steve        +230 points                    South Pasadena H.S.

    Federico        +350 points                        ”

    Kelly        +320 points                    Arcadia H.S.

    Alexander        +250 points                    Flintridge Prep H.S.

    Thomas        +300 points                    Alhambra H.S.

    Eric        +230 points                        ”

    Salina        +200 points                        ”

    Emily        +210 points                    Maranatha H.S.

    YOU            ????



By using powerful SAT strategies developed through complete analysis of dozens of actual SAT's.

Besides teaching sound academic skills we:

  1. Teach you how to outsmart the test-writers by spotting their tricks.
  2. Teach you effective techniques for every type of SAT question.
  3. Help you learn the most common vocabulary words on the SAT.
  4. Give you plenty of practice test on which to practice your skills.

If you've been looking for a way to get the upper hand on the SAT or ACT, look no further!  

Please fill out our request form for pricing and additional information.

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